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Vietnamese dishes introduced in Hong Kong
The Vietnamese Cuisine Month was launched at Habour Plaza Metropolis Hotel, Hong Kong on August 29. The event is aimed at offering Hong Kong people a chance to enjoy Vietnamese traditional dishes such as pho (noodle soup), sea-crab spring rolls, and Southern spring rolls.
Ethnic village receives Truong Sa sovereignty stones
The Hanoi-based Culture-Tourism Village of Vietnamese Ethnic Groups has received coral stones taken from Truong Sa as evidence of Vietnam’s sovereignty over the archipelago.
Highway 1 reached top 10 world's most beautiful roads for cycling
According to the popular website, Highway 1 in Vietnam is the only way of Asia in the top 10 world's most beautiful roads for cycling tourists.
View Phu Quoc from the air with the Royal Geographical Society’s Hidden Journeys Project
Have you ever found yourself in an aircraft gazing out of the cabin window in wonder at the world thousands of metres below? The Hidden Journeys Project aims to enliven the flying experience and transform it into a fascinating exploration of the people, places and environments thousands of metres below by providing inspiring information to air travellers about the parts of the world they fly over.
Egypt to host official World Tourism Day celebrations
The Egyptian city of Aswan will host the official 2011 World Tourism Day (WTD) celebrations, which will include a High-Level Think Tank on this year’s theme, ‘Tourism – Linking Cultures’ (27 September 2011).
Sculptures on show at Museum of Fine Arts
An art exhibition opened last weekend at HCMC Museum of Fine Arts, showcasing sculptures of passionate local artists.
Vietnamese beer joins Berlin Beer Festival
Vietnamese beer has been present along with 2,000 other kinds of beers at the 15th Berlin International Beer Festival, which took place on Karl Marx Boulevard in the heart of Berlin from Aug. 5-7
My Son relics logo contest launched
A contest to design a logo for the World Cultural Heritage My Son Champa relics has been officially launched, aimed at both local and foreign organizations.
Pop singer My Linh becomes Korean tourism ambassador
The Official Korea Tourism Organisation has invited pop singer My Linh to act as Korean tourism ambassador to Vietnam in 2011.
Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia Song and Dance Festival to open
The Vietnamese Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has decided to organise the Song and Dance Festival of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia in Quang Tri province in July.

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